Why Choose Serviced Accommodation Over Hotels

Why Choose Serviced Accommodation Over Hotels

Serviced apartments are the new best way to enjoy your travels, for business travellers and holidaymakers, but why is this? Apart from the ever-growing platforms and advertisements that have increased awareness of serviced accommodation, there are many reasons you should consider this for your next trip, here are six of them; 

More Space 

Serviced apartments generally offer thirty percent more space than the average hotel room! This means you are usually spoilt for choice with home comforts. You have a space to work, cook, relax and sleep. Wifi is at your fingertips, clothes washing can be done whenever you need. You can leave your children in one room and do your work or prepare a meal in another. Thus, offering the privacy sometimes needed in the middle of that busy holiday. 

Having a kitchen will also mean you can cook your meals at home, saving you so much money on food, which leads on to the next benefit… 

Why choose serviced accommodation

Make your money go further 

What is your leisure pursuit? Food, activities, museums, or nightlife? Travelling can be expensive, so it is important that you spend your money in the places you’ll get the most enjoyment. Typically serviced accommodation is twenty percent less than a hotel room which leaves you with extra money to spend elsewhere!  Spend your money on activities like the London dungeons or that fancy meal out on your last day, cream tea at The Ritz, A shopping trip to Harrods, drinks at the Alchemist or the top of the Shard. You can also save money on laundry and eating in! 

Why choose serviced accommodation


In the chaos of a busy holiday or a tightly scheduled business trip, undisturbed relaxation time always sounds amazing, right? With no checkout times during your stay or cleaners hovering in the corridors waiting for you to leave. You can enjoy a long lie in or a siesta whenever you feel. It’s your time away, so you choose how to use it. Serviced accommodation leaves you free to come and go whenever you like. You also have the options to cook and work as you please. Entertaining guests, holding meetings and parties are all added perks you never knew you needed.


Nothing beats feeling at home. Serviced apartments give you a homely experience allowing you to feel like a local. Are you on a business trip? A new place can be daunting and the last thing you want to worry about is feeling lost. The opportunity to take your time and not have to change your morning and evening routines drastically, removes some of the unnecessary worries like having to find somewhere to get breakfast in the morning before rushing to wherever you need to be.

Why choose serviced accommodation


Since the serviced accommodation sector has grown increasingly in the last few years, there are now places to stay almost everywhere! You can find them in cities and towns that it might be hard to find a good hotel and in hidden areas, you wouldn’t normally think of visiting. There are so many options in many amazing locations. Staying in a locals accommodation often allows you to enjoy the architecture of the place as well, every city is unique and is part of the character of the area.  

Why choose serviced accommodation

Travelling has changed 

Most importantly staying in a local serviced apartment offers a completely different perspective on your trip. You can be on holiday without the stress of feeling like a tourist but more like a local. In the past, travellers enjoyed the ease and convenience of hotels and holidays were a sight-seeing check-off list, but not anymore. For new-age travellers feeling at home and a part of the community allows you to explore the area and understand the culture so much more. Having your own space means making friends with the neighbours, discovering the local bakery with the best croissants in town and hiring a bike for the week to explore the city. You can see pictures of most places online these days. We’re not travelling for the sights but more for the experience. Create your own experience on your terms!  

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