Vacation Right: How to Plan for on Your Next Group Tour

The most interesting and popular tourist destinations for travelers the world over are often very crowded, confusing, and busy. There are ways to avoid the crowds, but most of the time, they require you to miss big attractions. If you want the best of both worlds, booking a tour is often a great compromise. Going on a tour allows you to see the best, get the most information, and helps you navigate even the busiest tourist sites. Here are a few things you should plan for before going on a tour to make your vacation that much better.

Rent A Car

Some tourist destinations are in remote locations and require the tour bus, ferry, or boat to get you there. Walking tours are another way to see a new place but can get exhausting. If you have time to yourself for extra exploring, the best way to enjoy one is to drive through using a rented car. This will allow you to take in the scenery at your own pace from the comfort of your car. Talk to your guide about what sights the group might miss that day and see if you can reach them on your own outside the tour hours. A car will give you the freedom to go where you wish as well.


While certain tours might stick together day and night, most day tours allow you a little flexibility when it comes to choosing your own accommodations, hotels, or hostels. If you know that talking to, and traveling with a group will exhaust you socially, it might be good to get a private room to help relax after a long day of touring. If you love the group atmosphere, you might consider sharing a rented apartment or luxury suite together. You’ll save money, make new friends, and have a more comfortable place to stay.

Skip the Right Meals

Most tour groups will offer lunch or hotel dinners for the tour group as part of the package you buy. While dinners with the group can be great for getting to know one another, or getting an early night in, you might also want to explore more of the destination. If this is something you’re interested in, skip out on the tour lunches or other meals and use this time to see more of the city, try local cuisine, or attend local events. This is the perfect way to get that solo, exploratory time, as well as an informative, and well-planned itinerary.

Use your Tour Guide as a Resource

Don’t forget, your tour guide is an expert! They’re full of information, not only on the sights you’ll be seeing, but local customs, foods, and more. Get to know your guide and ask them about the best places to go or see outside of tour hours.

Going on a guided tour is not a bad choice for a new traveler. These tours provided opportunities and information you might miss otherwise. Use your guide and fellow travelers to help you enjoy your destination even more!