Traveling and the internet

To travel is of the best gifts one can give to himself. From cities to jungles, to giant buildings to giant trees, from the finest dishes in the classiest restaurants to the abundance and the explosion of flavors of street food. A world waiting to be explored, to meet new people and to experience new things. Getting away from the boring routine of everyday life, and growing up as e person as you get to know different cultures, becoming more open-minded and most importantly to understand how important is to value each moment of your life.

In today’s world traveling is one of many fields of life that has been impacted by the internet. Some say it has made it worse taking out the excitement of traveling taking out the unknown factor, the element of surprise, making it too easy. I think that it’s different. The internet has made the world of traveling a more secure world while maintaining the element of surprise. The internet has helped with the things that need help, need improvement, to make a trip the more pleasant. Forums and different communities help new travelers writing reviews, that sometimes may be subjective, but help with the man in front of the computer to decide whether it is the perfect place for him.

Is it the right place to escape to? Is it the place I will find my home away from home.

Traveling – it gives you home in thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land.

-Ibn Battuta

Maybe when Ibn said that quote the internet was not really present, but today we have the luxury to see these houses before we leave ours.

And that is what the internet has improved.

To me personally traveling is a must as it helps you become a better person, a more open-minded one that learns new things every day while expanding his perspective and most importantly because all in all, it’s fun.