Tips for Staying Safe as a Tourist in the Big City

Big cities are thriving metropolises full of diverse culture, foods, music, and colors. While these big cities seem charming and vast, they can also possess many hidden dangers to those not familiar with the terrain. If you have plans to travel to a big city, here are some tips for staying safe while you’re there.

Stay in Public Places

Even the most seasoned city dweller knows that it is a bad idea to use dark alleys, remote walking paths, and empty side streets to traverse big cities. Stick to main streets with which you are familiar. Do not follow anyone into remote area regardless of how trustworthy they seem. Always keep your cell phone handy to dial for help if you need to and remain observant of your surroundings in case you need to plan an exit strategy.

Don’t Show Off

It’s understandable that while out touring the big city, you will want to wear expensive jewelry or watches to look nice and feel confident while out on your adventures. Unfortunately, this could lead to you being singled out by a would-be mugger who caught a glimpse of your expensive accessories. It’s best for you to keep your expensive items tucked safely away in your hotel room or vacation home and wear simple, cheap jewelry while out in public.

Dress Like A Local

A tourist visiting in a big city can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. There are those who thrive in the big city by taking advantage of tourists and small-town visitors. To prevent yourself from looking like a tourist, look up pictures online of how native city dwellers tend to dress. Once you get a good idea of the city’s fashion, plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Wear Your Bag in Front During Public Transit

Using public transportation in the big city is a great way to get to all of the places you need to go. The only issue with public transportation is that it puts you in close quarters with others who may be out seeking to steal from backpacks and purses. To combat the sticky fingers of others, always keep your bag strapped across your chest instead of your back so that you can keep an eye on your possessions.

Safeguard Your Home Sweet Home

While you’re worrying about staying safe over your vacation, don’t forget about keeping your home secured. It may seem like a big commitment — or even being paranoid — but it’s easier than ever to protect your belongings while you’re away. A professional technician can install a security system without even having a home phone these days. You can also remotely access your video surveillance cameras so you can view the footage while you’re out for instant peace of mind.