Taking Care of Your Home When You’re out of the Country

Whether you have an upcoming vacation or business meeting planned that is out of the country, you may feel nervous about leaving your home unoccupied. An empty house can be a tempting target for criminals. However, you can rest assured knowing that there are certain steps you can take to prevent break-ins and other issues while away from your home.

Avoid Posting About Your Trip Online

Social media platforms are a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family members. You may feel the need to make a post about heading out of the country — and especially during the trip, but this can backfire on you. Criminals actually search for posts based on keywords which lead them to their next victims. To stay on the safe side, avoid posting anything about your absence from home until after you have returned.

Move Your Valuables

Renting a small storage unit is an affordable and easy way to gain peace of mind while out of the country. Putting your valuables in storage during your time away of from home is the best way to keep them safe, and many facilities have secure storage spaces as small as 2.5’ x 2.5’ (Stor-N-Lock)!

Believe it or not, this method is also more effective then relying on a safe, which can easily be broken into by a savvy criminal.

Leave Your Curtains the Same as Always

Many homeowners close their curtains and turn on their porch light while they are away, but this can actually clue a criminal in on the fact that you are gone. Instead, leave your curtains exactly how you always do. If you usually keep them open, don’t close them and vice versa. The same goes for your porch light.

Install Light Switch Timers

light switch timer will automatically turn your lights on and off according to a schedule that you set. This will make it seem like someone is home which will make criminals think twice about breaking in. This also works with your porch light, which means you won’t have to leave your light on during the day if it’s usually on at night.

Consider a House Sitter

Hiring a house sitter is a simple way to ensure that your plants are watered and your home is being cared for properly while out of the country. You may select a friend or family member or employ a professional house sitting service to do the job.

Leaving your home unoccupied can be nerve wracking, especially if you do not have anyone else checking on it. However, these strategies can give you the peace of mind you deserve while out of the country for a while.

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