Spontaneity, a tourist’s best friend

In today’s world planning ahead is something we do taking care of every detail, moment of our day. What am I going to do in the morning, afternoon, everything in our schedule.  Surprises can be fun, but they can mess up your whole day though.

Now that is a quote I don’t agree with. Yes, it is necessary to plan, especially for a trip, the hotel, the route, the places I’m going to visit, but there is a line. Somewhere between safe and adventurous. Being safe it is essential, but yet it can make your trip maybe not as satisfying as planned, since you know everything you will do, what you are going to do, where you’re going, what you are eating and sometimes, might I say so, boring.

Enter “Spontaneity”, a tourist’s best friend

See, going to a new country is not just staying in a hotel, and following your guide as he goes through pages and pages of information, that honestly can be easily found on Wikipedia.

Imagine this, you are walking in a unknown city, the roads are full of people and you are looking for a specific place, but your nose catches a sweet scent, a pastry you have never tried before. It’s not on your plan. Why not try it?

See spontaneity, it’s not about climbing the Everest out of nowhere, its about the little things, the little experiences that make your journey that more pleasant, that more special. As everybody can say I visited this historic landmark, or this museum, but did they try this hidden gem, this pastry that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

Spontaneity is about looking for something new, something that you don’t see on every website. You see, is not about just looking at buildings, statues or paintings, it’s about discovering the country, its culture and widening your perspective of  understanding the world.