Serviced Apartments Management Company

Peymans is a Serviced Apartments Management Company based in Cambridge, UK, and is looking to expand its operations globally. We have already started operating a few units in Oxford and London and are looking forward to taking some units on elsewhere in England. We are open to enquiries from owners of guesthouses, hotels or blocks of flats across the country and further affield.

The unique selling point that we are able to offer is a profit-splitting business model where the owner benefits financially from engaging in letting on a short term basis more so than they would do by letting it out on ASTs or through a more traditional rent-to-rent management model. This also comes with certain associated tax benefits, which you can read more about in this blog post.

As a Serviced Apartments Management Company, Peymans covers all aspects of property letting and management from enquiries, to bookings, meeting and greeting guests upon arrival, housekeeping, maintenance, and even interior design and refurbishment. We have also built very strong processes and work with a number of superb software providers to ensure we offer our guests the best service possible.

We are also very interested in hearing from developers who may have blocks of flats becoming available that they are trying to sell as some of our existing contacts may be interested in purchasing them. Off-plan funding may also be possible. If you are looking to buy or develop a block of flats, it would be great if we could be involved from the design stage so as to ensure that the final product is as suitable as possible for short term rentals so as to maximize the return on the investment for you.

If you are interested in working with us, then contact us to have a chat.