Peymans, national blood week: “Thank you for saving my life”

National Blood week has just completed, sensitising people to help patients who need the different blood groups, A, B, O. Peymans also joined to this initiative, changed its name in Peymans without letter A (Peymns).

The letters were vanished from landmarks around country. This enticing marketing campaign – run by NHS – aimed to encourage people to save lives with their blood contributions. In the UK there is a shortage of donors and in the last ten years the number of blood donors in England and Wales has dropped by 40 per cent.

It is also true that many people don’t know their own blood type.  In a press release, NHS wrote: “Adults more likely to know lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody than their own blood type.

“Only one in four young adults know their blood type – fewer  than those who know their pet’s birthday or One Direction’s first band member departure; one in three people will only discover their blood type when they donate.”

For this reason this campaign, “Give Blood” was essential to make people more sensitive to donate their blood. Many people noticed that many companies, shops and newspapers deleted these letters to support this noble initiative.

For example, Daily Mirror in its front page omitted letters A and O, specifying that there is a need A and O blood groups.

Some booksellers, such as Waterstones showed missing types  in its popular lettering.

World Health Organization is also spreading a video on Internet “Thank you for saving my life”.

In the link below it is possible to watch this exciting video.