Oxford Farming Conference 2020

Oxford Farming Conference 2020

Number One Farming Conference in the UK

For over 80 years, Oxford has been the host of the foremost conference for farming and agribusiness in the UK. Every January the historic and enchanting surroundings of Oxford University are filled with more than 500 delegates determined and motivated to make a change in the industry.


The Mission of Oxford Farming Conference

As their mission is to inform and inspire its attendants, the OFC conference provides:

  • Independent thought leadership and challenge of the highest calibre
  • A highly regarded cross-industry networking opportunity of key influencers
  • A progressive and forward-looking outlook with an international dimension
  • The inspiration and encouragement for positive change


The most significant feature of this conference is the diversity of its attendants in addition to the opportunity it provides them with to communicate with different people and groups in the industry. The heads from within all elements of British agriculture like UK politicians or opinion formers and scholars attend this focal farming and agricultural event to share their ideas with others and change the game. Moreover, the constant presence of strong media in Oxford helps spreading the news and the outcome of these conferences exceptionally.

The Program of Oxford Farming Conference 2020

Trying to inspire all the attendants, specifically the young generation, OFC anticipates their needs and questions and comes up with various enlightening parts in their program. Below, there is a list of the OFC programs in 2020:

Each year the program brings a key audience to the conference, involving them in a variety of informative and motivating activities. This, in turn, results in the transmission of a considerable amount of experience and the encouragement to make progress.

To find out more about the experts and speakers of this year’s conference, click here.


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