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Peymans is a leading provider of luxury accommodation, serviced apartments, and short term rentals in Cambridge, Oxford, and London. It was founded in April 2015 and has since grown rapidly, employing around 30 staff and managing over 60 units of serviced accommodation. Peymans has also helped over 40 landlords to maximise their returns by up to 50% and is still expanding its portfolio of properties. In Cambridge, which is our main market, all operations including cleaning and maintenance are done in-house to ensure continuity. The unique selling point that we offer is a split profit setup where the owner benefits financially from engaging in letting on a short-term basis proving to be more profitable than by letting it out on ASTs or through a more traditional rent-to-rent model.


We are currently seeking to expand in the cities in which we operate, and are also interested in expanding to other locations. If you have a property or several properties that you would like to run as a serviced apartment, contact us by completing the form below.

Why Landlords Choose Us


One of the main factors enabling us to expand over the last few years has been the flexibility in adapting to business models depending on the requirements of the
landlords. Our commission based model is uncommon among operators, making it very attractive for landlords to work with us and we are actively working with those interested to prepare their properties for short term


One of the main worries that a lot of landlords have is that they will be exploited, as in our business it is very easy to take cash payments from guests and not declare the income to the landlord when operating on a commission basis. At Peymans we pride ourselves for the transparency of our transactions and therefore strictly reject any means of payment other than through debit/credit card for overnight accommodation.


The management service offered by Peymans is fully hands off for the landlord, thanks to the efficient processes that have been put in place, the software used, and the availability of dedicated and knowledgeable office staff from 8am until midnight, 7 days a week with multiple staff on shift at peak hours.

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