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Peymans offer landlords a unique opportunity to earn passive income by providing a property management service which is fully hands-off for the landlord. We offer the perfect solution for landlords wishing to maximise returns on their property whilst removing the time, hassles and stress of managing the letting process.

We can maximise returns on your rental properties by making use of price intelligence software which dynamically monitors and adjusts prices based on supply and demand in the area. This ensures the optimal price is advertised and the highest occupancy rates possible are achieved, maximising the profit generated by your properties.

Our unique selling point is a split-profit setup where landlords benefit financially from letting on a more profitable short-term basis rather than long-term lets, allowing them to charge premium prices during peak times.


Our Process

We represent - We take care of advertising and promoting your property. This includes photography of the property and creating detailed descriptions designed to attract as many visitors as possible.

High visibility - Your property is advertised on our high-traffic website as well as popular booking sites such as

Complete control - We manage the entire booking and letting process. This begins with receiving the online booking, through meeting the new tenant at the property upon their arrival, to ensuring the property is prepared for the next tenant after their departure.

We handle the finances - Peymans take care of booking fees, customer deposits and any damage charges. We charge landlords a fixed commision based on each booking.

Collect passive income - Profit generated post-booking fees and commission are passed directly onto the landlord, without needing to lift a finger!

Sit back and relax - Peymans continues to manage your property for as long as you wish, allowing you to benefit from the passive income gained and time you’ve saved.

Our unique commission-based business model has proven attractive to a large number of landlords. We have repeat business from many of our landlords, some of whom have left their entire portfolio to the management of Peymans.


Why Choose Us?

Flexible Commision Model 
One of the main factors enabling us to expand over the last few years has been our flexibility depending on the requirements of our landlords. We operate a unique commission-based model, allowing landlords to remain in charge of their property and in control of the letting processes if they wish.

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our transactions and the fairness in which we deal with both our landlords and our customers. Peymans only take bookings using debit/credit card transactions and never by cash, so you can be assured of exactly how much post-commision profit you are owed.

You save time 
By handling the entire booking and letting process, we offer the perfect solution for landlords wishing to maximise returns on their property whilst removing the hassles and stress of managing the letting process. This means you can sit back and relax, whilst we manage the property and letting procedures.

We keep our clients happy 
Many of our customers are returning clients, a testament to our ongoing service of providing only the highest quality accommodation across Cambridge, Oxford and London. By choosing to work with Peymans, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Our customers are respectful of your property 
We set strict house rules for our guests to ensure your properties are respected. We set a minimum age requirement of 23 years for the lead guest. We ask guests to minimise noise between 11pm and 9am. We also try to screen guests who may be there to hold parties. If we are confident that this is the case, we may refuse access to the property. To ensure guest compliance with our house rules, we hold a security deposit which we can charge against in case of damage or house rules being broken.

Our aim at Peymans is to offer an excellent service to our guests and a completely hassle-free management solution to our owners, whom we consider to be partners in our business. We hope that the information provided here has given you reassurance as to how we are able to offer such a service and at the same time maximise your returns. I would be most happy to take a call from you to speak in person about how we could manage and let your property for you. I hope that we will be able to live up to your expectations and build a successful and long lasting relationship.

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