Six Nations Championship 2020

Join the Opening Fixture of the 2020 Six Nations Championship

Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Championship is one of the foremost rugby leagues in Europe. Since more than 90 years ago, 6 Nations Championship has been contested each season between the national teams of six most prominent European rugby-playing counties: England France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. At the end, the team with the most points earned during the seasons wins the Trophy.

History of Six Nations Championship

Only four European sides were competing with one another in the original game in 1883. Currently known as the International Championship, the tournament –with only England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland playing- was far less organized than its modern version. In its early stages, England and Scotland were the most powerful teams. However, by the mid-1890s the Welsh improved significantly and changed the face of the game. Growing fast in popularity, the tournament had witnessed major successes of all four teams by 1900.

The Arrival of the 5th

1910 was the year when a new team, France, joined the famous rugby tournament. At first, they were not remarkably successful, but their advent invented the phrase “Five Nations.”

As Europe went through many ups and downs, the tournament was put on hold a couple of times for many reasons, including the years between 1914 to 1920 due to the World War I. Another example was in 1972 when the tournament could not be completed due to some escalating political problems between Scotland and Wales.

Five Becomes Six

The tournament was christened for another time with the name Six Nations with the superb addition of Italy.

Every year the Six Nations Championship becomes more and more popular and attracts the attention of millions of rugby lovers. In addition to the Trophy, Grand Slam and Triple Crown are the two other honours achieved by the teams annually. If a team wins all its five matches, it is then called a Grand Slam, but to win it is very hard.

Since the Triple Crown dates back to the original Home Nations Championship, it is a special prize that only four home unions – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – can win. The record for winning the Triple Crown belongs to Ireland as they won the crown four times. Wales has achieved the crown only three times and England only twice.

Six Nations Championship 2020

Beginning on Saturday, 1st February, the 2020 Six Nations Championship starts when the Grand Slam champions Wales take on Italy at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Since their first meeting in 1994, Wales and Italy have competed in a total of 27 rugby matches.

Experiencing two golden ages, Wales National rugby team is one of the most powerful among the six nations, winning Italy 24 times. However, Italy is also a leading European team outside the five nations trying so hard to enhance each year. Therefore, the fans of these two popular teams should not easily miss this event!

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