How to Stay Safe from COVID-19 While travelling

How to Stay Safe from COVID-19 While Travelling

Maybe not most, but at least some of us, boast jobs that give us the chance to stay safe at our homes and keep making money. However, there are many others who are not given such an opportunity and bounty. This article addresses the concerns of those of you who for any reason, personal or professional, can’t avoid travelling even during the COIVID-19 days. If staying home is not probable, it is essential to know how to stay safe from COVID-19 while travelling.

Nothing is more important than your health, and we understand how nerve-wracking it can be to take a plane, train, bus or taxi or drive a long distance. However, you can still be hopeful that with paying attention to just a few tips, you’ll be able to noticeably increase your chance for staying safe.

Stay Informed to Stay Safe from COVID-19 While Travelling 

The first thing you need to do is to gather full information on the circumstances of your destination. But how? It’s pretty easy as many places are posting plans online. However, if you can’t find the information you need, you can always make calls and ask. Moreover, you may need to check government and credible news agencies.

You have to be aware of what the pandemic plan is in your destination so that you can make sure what types of precautions and measures are being taken.

Also, if you’re over 60 or suffer from medical conditions like diabetes, make sure that you have enough supply.

Avoid Crowded Places

Public Transportation

These days we constantly hear the term “social distancing”, which we also prefer to call “physical distancing”, here and there. So, nothing can be more dangerous than being in crowded places for you can’t keep a safe distance from the others. Even though public transportation is less crowded now, it is still vital for you to sit at least 6 feet away from those aboard. Therefore, if it’s not possible to keep this distance in an occasion, we strongly suggest that you wait and avoid getting on the vehicle as much as possible.

Standing in Lines

This rule is applied to lines too. Create a 6-foot space between yourself and others and stick to it. Even if someone doesn’t pay attention to this necessary distance, insist on upholding to it.  Try not to lean to any walls or touch any of the line’s barriers.

Purchasing Necessities

While you’re travelling, you might need to buy food and other necessities from time to time. You can’t avoid having your credit card touched by others in situations like this. But don’t panic. Just remember to disinfect it carefully each time.

On the Plane

Dr. Gustavo Ferrer, pulmonologist and author of “Cough Cures,” says, “Airplane cabins’ recirculating air system dries out the nasal passages, creating thick mucus that favors the development of viral infections.” So, bear in mind to rinse your nose in order to reduce the adherence of bacteria and viruses.

What More You Should Do 

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), to keep yourself safe while travelling, there are some precautions you have to take. Washing your hands, not touching your face and cleaning objects frequently are some examples of what you must do. Here you can read a list of what you should do to stay safe during COVID-19 days.

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation, what matters the most is your comfort and health. You need to feel safe, wherever you stay. Staying at hotels might be a little risky during this time. First of all, as you need to be in contact with as few people as possible, staying at hotels might bring you discomfort. Of course you can always hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign to keep housekeepers away, but finally you’ll confront some people in the hall or anywhere else at the hotel.

What you can do at this time is to consider serviced apartments as a better alternative. This way, you’ll definitely be sure that you face fewer people and can indulge in more privacy.

However, you need to make sure that the owner takes each and every necessary precaution to keep their property deeply sanitised.

It is your right to demand transparency about the cleaning methods they use. Do not hesitate to ask for detailed information.

As a provider of serviced accommodation across the UK, we know how significant it is for the guests to access all the information they need. That’s why we have fully described our cleaning procedures in this blog post.

On a separate note, you’re welcome to stay with us for short or longer stays. You might be experiencing more than enough anxiety if you have to travel during the crisis. But you’re not alone in this.

We’re ready to lighten the heavy load on your shoulders and help you stay safe from COVID-19 while travelling during this crisis.

Keep in touch. Remember, together we’re stronger.

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