How to Find Short Term Rentals in Cambridge

Let your stay in Cambridge be comfortable and memorable. We have hand-picked short term rentals in Cambridge to ensure that your experience resonates with you even after leaving the UK. Our experts work throughout the year to ensure that your dream trip comes to pass.

When visiting a travel destination for the first time, it is necessary to have a list of short term rentals within the vicinity. Finding an apartment is never the hard part, but finding the apartment that matches your expectation is. We eliminate the search for you by providing you with information that you need. Our apartment location services operate for 24 hrs.

Questions You Would Ask Before Booking a Short Term Rental;

  • Is the apartment in a secure location?
  • How clean are the rooms?
  • Does it have all the important amenities?
  • Is it Wi-Fi connected?

Regardless of your reason for visiting Cambridge; be it for fun and holiday to see attraction sites, referral medical treatments or for study, we have got you sorted. Whatever the reason for your visit is, if you are looking for cheap, comfortable and clean vacation houses or temporary residence, please contact us today.

Go online and book short term rentals now! We endeavour towardsoffering people home away from home. We are your solution to your short term accommodation needs. Be on the winning side of life by trusting us with your short term rental needs. Your preferences, however choosy they may seem, are our priorities. Giving you a holiday experience in Cambridge is our driving force and that is why we offer apartment location services.

What We Do

Currently, we are working with over 50 serviced apartments in Cambridge, a collection of short terms lets and luxury private homes (furnished like hotels) for your short term rental needs. Don’t beat yourself up when looking for a short term apartment to suite your needs. We offer the following services;

  1. Booking –We are not just booking agents, we are also experienced in this field. We have strong personal relation qualities. We are able to listen to your needs and know exactly what to offer. We ensure your comfort in your temporary holiday rentals.
  2. Room Services – Having taken care of your short term rentals, we also provide room services if needed. If you book with us, you certainly are assured of room services. This includes things like room cleaning, massage and extra services.
  3. Advisory Services – In case of confusion or any misunderstanding, we provide advisory services to our clients. We do all this for free.
  4. Emergency Services – In case of emergencies, we are connected with Cambridge’s rapid response unit. You have no reason to fear or panic, just dial our emergency hotlines for your emergency within your short term stay.

We provide a full range of beautiful furnished and fully equipped apartments for your stay.  Cheaper and more luxurious apartments which are of higher standards than hotels are available for your short term rentals. Rent with us during your visit in Cambridge.