How to add service fees on

Service fees are essential to an accommodation. It shows the transparency of the hosts for the guests.  It shows how everything works and how much everything costs making the guest understand better the price for their stay, at the same time on the market works helping new hosts understand the market.

If you want to add these fees all you need to do is the following:

∙         Go to the Property tab

∙         There you can make the adjustments to the fees in the VAT/tax/Charges section

∙         Select add Property charge type( if it doesn’t show up for your property, you can click on Policies within the same tab)

∙         Select Additional Fees & Charges

∙         You can select the Cleaning fee to create a new charge.

∙         Last click Save at the bottom of the page.

This will help you add the fees you want and feel are needed for your accommodation. Showing the fees will make the guest comfortable as you are sharing everything with him, not only the accommodation. He will see how everything works as he is booking the property.