Hertford, a city of tradition

A city of tradition, history where the modern restaurants and shops have taken their place perfectly. This is Hertford, located 20 miles away from London, it is one of the oldest cities in England dating to the 10th century, so you can expect a classic medieval architecture… with modern characteristics.

A city that has changed in the last 20 years, making it a destination for many new tourists. With many historical and natural attractions, you can see why. The town center blossoming full of shops, restaurants and more with something for everyone visiting the city.

Open all year round to visitors and students of ancient wisdom, the temple offers a great experience with tours of the shrine, gardens and compassionate farm visit Bhaktivedanta Manor, complete with its farmlands, beautiful gardens and temple is a real sanctuary for the soul.

A visit to the St.Albans Cathedral a must for every tourist coming to the area. The oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain, It stands over the place where Alban, the first martyr, was buried after giving his life for his faith over 1700 years ago.

After a tiring day take a stroll down Pashanger Park, away from the city noise into the quiet and relaxing feel only nature can offer. The beautiful park has something for both outdoor fanatics with running and cycling area and something really special for tourists who want to experience the natural beauty. A waterbus to enjoy the wonderful scenery of The Meads, the centre for greenery and wildlife, sometimes accompanied by friendly animals such as gulls or ducks.

We are proud to say that now we have 8 new apartments in Hertford. Whether you are student, tourist, in these new apartments all you will find is up to standards, comfortable rooms with the best prices.