Peymans is a leading provider of luxury accommodation, serviced apartments, and short term
rentals operating in Brussels, Cambridge, Hertford, London, Manchester, and Oxford.


It was founded in April 2015 and has since grown rapidly, employing around 30 staff and managing nearly 100 units of serviced accommodation. Peymans has also helped over 50 landlords to maximise their returns by up to 1.5 times and is still expanding its portfolio of properties. The additional income made by letting the properties on a short term let basis ensure that we have a healthy enough profit margin to guarantee rents and cover any potential gaps in lettings.

Services include Managing Bookings, Meeting Guests, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Interior Design & Refurbishment, and Enquiries.



Peymans is able to maximize the returns on rental units by making use of price intelligence software which dynamically updates prices every 15 minutes based on the demand and supply in the market so as to ensure the optimal price is advertised and the highest possible occupancy rates are achieved. Moreover, Peymans is proud to have a dedicated in-house Revenue Manager and Financial Analyst with a data science background.

This ensures that for high-demand dates, rooms are let for a higher price and on low-demand dates the rooms don’t remain empty due to overpricing. This is a feature that landlords would not be able to easily implement on their own and our main competitors in the market usually lack.



Landlord and developers work with property as an asset that has the potential to offer good capital
growth in the long term and still provides an ongoing return very shortly after the initial investment is made. While uncertainty in property value increase is nearly unavoidable and a necessary risk in most cases, obtaining a steady level of rental income need not be. So, why take an added risk when you don’t need to?



Peymans Guaranteed Rent offers you peace of mind that your monthly financing obligations will be met on time month in, month out, without needing to worry about whether the property has been occupied or not. You no longer need to worry about voids, searching for a tenant or paying someone to do so, or paying an agent a fee for managing your property for you.



The management service offered by Peymans is fully hands off for the landlord, thanks to the efficient processes that have been put in place, the software used, and the availability of dedicated and knowledgeable office staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with multiple staff on shift at peak hours. We can take care of all maintenance issues on your behalf so you don’t need to lift a finger and enjoy completely passive income.



We have taken certain precautions to try and ensure that potential damage to the property and disturbance to neighbours are minimised. As part of this, we have set a minimum age requirement of 23 years for the lead guest. We also ask guests to ensure there is no loud noise coming from the flat between 11pm and 9am, as we are aware of the impact this can have on nearby residents. We also try to screen guests who may be there to hold a party, and if we are confident that that is the case, we refuse access to the property. To ensure guest compliance with our House Rules, we hold a security deposit (usually of £150.00) which we can charge against in case damage is caused or our House Rules are broken.