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Our list of managed properties now includes Brussels, Cambridge, Hertford, Lodon, Manchester, Oxford, with more cities to come…
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Welcome to Peymans Landlord services.


We are pleased to deal with rent to rent, developers and landlords of all sizes, providing tailored services to fit your needs. As the industry has developed, so have we. Peymans now offers several personalised services to suit every short-term rental return and service need.


Peymans Passive Property – This offers landlords a unique opportunity to earn passive income by providing a property management service which is fully hands-off for the landlord. We offer the perfect solution for landlords wishing to maximise returns on their property whilst removing the time, hassles and stress of managing the letting process.


Peymans Guaranteed Rent – Peymans is able to maximize the returns on rental units by dynamically adjusting rates based on the demand and supply in the market so as to ensure the optimal price is advertised and the highest possible occupancy rates are achieved. Services include Managing Bookings, Meeting Guests, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Interior Design & Refurbishment, and Enquiries.

Peymans is a global serviced apartments management company. We are a professional team remotely handling properties and ensuring utmost efficiency in managing all our clients’ properties.


Our Offer

We offer the best in serviced accommodation solutions and management. We make sure that all our properties are well taken care of at all times. We make it stress-free for landlords daunted by the challenges of an unfamiliar industry as we have already gone through the pains of developing a serviced accommodation solution.


Peymans provide professional services like 24/7 customer support, enhanced check-in services, and online booking services, eliminating OTA fees.


We guarantee passive income for landlords. You are assured of principal gains, year after year. As an international serviced apartment management company, we see a potential return of as much as 50% more than long-term rental for the same property.


Buying serviced apartments in London can be a great investment with these levels of return. If you are contemplating property investment, whatever the case, for an Airbnb or serviced flats, or for the management of these properties, you just need to make sure that you choose Peymans. We have the best service apartment agreement for you, securing the highest returns from your properties without hassle. No need for you to worry about bookings, bad tenants, broken furniture and dodgy payments – we deal with it all.


We understand that today’s requirements for landlords dealing with short-term rentals and serviced accommodations are much different. And so we have built our successful business around these changes. Make sure to talk to us about serviced apartment management and we will make sure you win with our offer.


Our Prospect

If you are contemplating property investment, for an Airbnb or serviced flats, make sure to talk to us about serviced apartment management. Whatever your position, be it rent to rent, a personal property you are looking to turn into a serviced accommodation or a property developer wanting to capitalise on rent returns, Peymans can help.


We work with clients of all types and sizes, whether you have a single property advertised on Airbnb Cambridge, or are a property developer with a block of flats in Manchester or a portfolio of corporate serviced apartments in London, and are looking to increase your returns. If you already have a serviced apartments business and contemplating to partner with someone, Peymans should be your only option for a serviced apartment and management company.


Our History, Our Credibility

Peymans started in Cambridge in the spring of 2015. In the summer of 2016, the business had grown and by the end of that year, Peymans had started offering guaranteed rents to owners of blocks of apartments and was managing over 50 units across Cambridge and Oxford.


In 2017, Peymans focused on setting up systems and structures to ensure the quality of service and expanded its pool of human resources. It started developing its own software for the management of short-term rentals. By autumn of 2018, the software, SayPhew, had begun to be operational, and Peymans was managing over 150 units across 6 cities.


The company has a healthy pipeline of new units that it plans to take over either on a management basis (it now offers 4 management packages of various degrees of involvement for the landlord) or a guaranteed rental. Peymans is about to launch a spin-off, SnooozzZ, to manage an ever-growing portfolio of rooms available for short term rent, guesthouses, and a hotel which it is set to commence managing in early 2019.


Peymans growth has been enabled by careful selection of units and by very strong advertising that ensures high occupancy rates. Overall, profits have run at an average of around 400 GBP pcm per unit, with peaks in the summer months of over 1,000 GBP pcm per unit. Based on the current portfolio, the profit levels for 2019 are expected to hit just shy of 1 million GBP.


The power behind the company, the astute Naim Anis Peyman, continue to propel the business to greater heights of success steering it into a future.


The Serviced Accommodations Industry

Recently there has been a great surge in investments on serviced accommodations. The reason behind the interest in self-catered accommodations, like weekend apartments in London, is that the London property market is always on the rise. Besides, it is a tangible capital outlay, with almost guaranteed returns.


There is steady buoyancy in the serviced apartment sector. Serviced accommodations and short-term rentals are outperforming hotel rooms in terms of amenities, pricing, and overall occupancy. Due to the cost-effective and accommodating nature of serviced apartments, they are becoming very popular with companies of all sizes as well as the savvy traveller. Employees on business trips and those travelling for leisure who require more flexibility in their accommodations than what a hotel can offer, are falling in love with this new trend. Individuals and companies looking for serviced apartments generally look for buildings with high quality facilities in good, central locations. Most people who will use the apartments will be either business travellers or tourists and will require easy access to transport links, local attractions and amenities. On average, the length of stay in self-catered accommodations are longer than in hotels. On a whole we see that about 90% of stays are of 14 nights or more. Investors are reassured of a more stable income as their apartment become occupied for a more definite period.


Why is investing in a property to be used as short-term rental a great idea? To begin with, guest sees serviced apartments as more accommodating than hotels. Being fully furnished flats that have far more amenities than hotel rooms, providing that home-from-home feel and experience. Some of the main benefits of why a growing majority of business travellers stay in a serviced apartment are they offer about 30% more space, far more privacy, and in most cases are more cost-effective. On average we see service apartment for rent about 15 – 30% cheaper than hotel rooms. This making good savings for the corporate traveller and tourists alike.  We take this all into account as a serviced apartments management company and help you make the most out of rental returns.


Our Mission

Peymans is a global serviced apartments management company committed to offer an excellent management solution to landlords. We endeavour to provide solutions that are transparent, trustworthy and financially rewarding.


We are a dedicated provider of luxury serviced accommodation in various cities around the world. We commit ourselves to customer service excellence and in maintaining the highest standards in customer satisfaction.