Explore the magnificent China Town in Manchester

Explore the Magnificent China Town in Manchester

China Towns are places of big and small pleasures, presenting their visitors a wide range of quaint activities to explore. As the second largest China Town in the United Kingdom, Manchester China Town is not an exception to this rule.

Boasting many small shops selling Chinese ornaments, supermarkets that sell food shipped from China and restaurants that give their guests a touch of the Asian culture, Manchester’s China Town prides itself on its various enlivening wonders. Consequently, Manchester China Town promises quality Asian fare on every nook and cranny of this ethnic enclave through your trawl for recreation.

As a significant cultural district in Manchester, Manchester China Town is surrounded by four main streets: Charlotte Street, Portland Street, Oxford Street and Mosley Street.

The five elements of water, earth, fire, wood and metal are so eloquent in Chinese culture. Each of these elements correspond to one color. As a result, you can see the reflection of their varicoloured culture in all parts of Chinese lifestyle, including their neighborhoods. Therefore, you can find yourself browsing a world of colours and liveliness in Manchester’s China Town.

Every year, tourists flock back to Manchester to dine on the authentic Chinese cuisine. Moreover, they can take pleasure in other Asian cuisines from Japanese to Nepalese.

You can feel its air of authenticity the most on Sundays when Chinese traders from across the country come to buy supplies in the local shops.

Focal Landmarks in Manchester’s China Town

The Paifang

Completed in 1987, Paifang, which is a traditional style of Chinese architectural arch or gateway, was first constructed in China. When its construction was finished in 1987, it was transported to England as a gift from China. Paifang is embellished with dragons and phoenixes as symbols of prosperity and good luck. Decorated with gold leaf, ceramics and lacquer, it was the first Imperial Chinese arch put up in Europe.

Through the passage of time and exposure to the elements, the arch needed to be restored. Their immediate recourse was to warp nets around the structure in order to prevent the future displacement of tiles. Eventually, after a series of charity events including a dry land dragon boat race, they managed to renovate the arch in 2013, and it still remained one of the most significant tourist attractions in Manchester.

Paifang in Manchester China Town

The Guardian Telephone Exchange

Obscured deep underground, a bunker was constructed between 1949 and 1954 as a fallout shelter to safeguard the officials from an atomic attack. The Guardian Telephone Exchange is another important landmark in China Town, lying atop this hidden bunker. This bunker was a secret until 1967 when it was unraveled to the public for the first time.

Boasting a collection of one-and-a-half mile cable tunnel housed 30m beneath China Town, The Guardian Telephone Exchange is still flawless. These tunnels connect the main complex of the GUTE to Dial House and the Ardwick and Salford. The wide space in the tunnel gave the staff the opportunity to use a vehicle to transport inside the tunnels.

Restaurants in Manchester’s China Town

China Town, located in an ideal spot in Manchester’s city centre, has a wealth of idiosyncratic and flavorful restaurants. You can spend time, indulging yourself with delectable Chinese feasts and get a feel for their rich culture. Whether you want to take a bite or spend a couple of hours enjoying a piquant far east delicious food, there are numerous restaurants and cafes that offer diverse mood-changing food.

Ho’s Bakery

Established in 1980, Ho’s Bakery is the 1st Chinese bakery in Manchester China Town. Offering traditional Hong Kong style sweet and savoury patisseries, this Chinese bakery has been run by three generations of Ho’s family.

As an eastern bakery in the heart of the West, they offer a delicious selection from red bean twists to sweet corn and pork satay. Therefore, you might face a varied menu and get a little bit confused, but the welcoming staff will guide you for a perfect experience. Don’t miss the Coconut Bakewell because it is their main mouth-watering wonder! Savoury buns are also the real deal if you are looking for some fluffy sweet potato rolls. Take your taste buds to this heavenly venue and take pleasure in a variety of Asian baked goods.

Ho's Bakery in Manchester China Town

Yang Sing

Offering a distinctive menu, caring service, cooking classes and gift vouchers, Yang Sing is truly a locale of numerous wonders. Called after the name of the city of Guangzhou, Yang Sing was established in 1977 by the Yeung family.

Currently run by the third generation of the family, Yang Sing is famous for its exquisite Cantonese cuisine. As one of the most exceptional cooking institutes in Manchester, they provide cordial old-school service and some modern takes on traditional Cantonese cooking. The five colorfully-decorated floors and eclectic menus make for an authentic Chinese ambience. Don’t miss the chance to try their Dim Sum, a traditional Chinese cuisine made of small bite-sized portions of food.

Yang Sing Restaurant in Manchester

Red Chilli

With two locations in Manchester, Red Chilli specializes in the best Beijing and Szehuan food at affordable prices.

The place is always busy, but once you taste their piquant dishes, you’ll understand why. Their well-trained chefs will also accommodate any dishes to your personal requirements to ensure you enjoy your dining experience.

An exemplary wine list complements the menus perfectly. They also give you the chance to cook raw vegetables and meat at your table.

Red Chilli restaurant in Manchester China Town

Happy Seasons

Happy Seasons is missioned to enrich your experience of Chinese food. Adorned with traditional Chinese surroundings, Happy Seasons is one of the area’s leading destination restaurants. The long line may scare you at first. However, after at last 30 minutes, the caring staff and their warm welcome in addition to the quality authentic food, will soothe your mood.

Happy Seasons Restaurant in Manchester China Town

Siam Smiles Thai Supermarket & Café

If you want to get a thrill out of genuine Thai food, passing a couple of hours in Siam Smiles Thai Supermarket & Café is a must. Even if you do not initially intend to try Thai food in Manchester China Town, the distinctive spices may change your mind. Their connection to a Thai supermarket also helps you find Thai flavors in the heart of Manchester. The atmosphere is so cosy that it is like sitting in your own house enjoying noodle soup or stir-fries and curries.

Siam Smiles Thai Supermarket & Café in Manchester China Town


To explore Japanese food, you must know Yuzu restaurant is set in a class of its own. All their food from the Pork Tonkatsu to the Tempura are freshly cooked daily on premises. Found in both the Michelin Guide UK 2015 and Waitrose Good Food Guide 2015Yuzu is the perfect place to find authentic Japanese food, but you won’t find any sushi here. Try their Sashimi and you won’t be disappointed! This restaurant offers a special lunch set menu including Miso soup and pickles, as well as a wide range of drinks.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant in Manchester China Town

Spas in Manchester’s China Town

Compare China Town spas with the ones in the other parts of the city and you’ll understand why spa addicts keep coming back to this district regularly. You can find the most diverse massages and affordable quality facial spa treatments in Manchester’s China Town. Below,  you’ll find out more about the three best spas in Manchester’s China Town.

Siamease Thai Spa

Located in an eastern spot in the middle of west, Siamease Thai Spa has adapted itself to the diverse community. As a result, their clients are provided with a broad range of services from traditional Thai massage to Swedish massage. They are world-renowned for their tailored services and indulgent care aimed at their customers’ health and satisfaction. Their team consists of fully trained, professional therapists treating you to an incomparable experience to revitalize your soul, mind and body and letting you leave feeling loose in your muscles and light on your feet is their mission.

Siamease Thai Spa in Manchester China Town

Bali Health Lounge

Our long working modern life harms our bodies and minds. To take the stresses of city life away, what’s a better way than entrusting our bodies to some experts from time to time? Voted as the best spa in Manchester, Bali Health Lounge Day Spa provides professional quality massage, facials and beauty treatments. After a 10-minute consultation, you’ll be treated with a 60-minute neck and lower back massage. This is when you can say goodbye to all the neck and back pain! Then, you’ll be flowed up by a therapist to ensure ongoing pain reduction. At last, you’ll be equipped with a self-care plan to avert pain from recurring.

Bali Health Lounge in Manchester China Town

Napa Thai Massage

Offering a relaxing massage, Napa Thai Massage is the heaven for people looking for luxury traditional Thai massage. With all the rooms facilitated with fresh flowers and clean space, it is one of the most favored spots by massage lovers in Manchester. Their hospitable service begins at the moment you arrive with hot and cold drinks offered to you at the reception. Using indigenous methods that date back centuries, their talented staff help you rejuvenate your body and mind. Don’t forget to make an appointment to prevent any disappointment.

NPA Thai Massage in Manchester China Town


Festivals in Manchester’s China Town

Chinese New year, 24th-26th January

Presenting a new parade route, this year’s Chinese New Year will start by live breathtaking performances and the mythical Dragon Parade alongside the Manchester’s famous red lanterns. Come and join the biggest Asian festival in the heart of England as the Year of the rat begins. From 12:30 pm in the St Peter’s Square, outside Central Library, the town experiences an unforgettable liveliness enriched by numerous fun activities around the streets in China Town.

Chinese New Year in Manchester China Town

Giant Golden dragon

Dragons play a significant role in Chinese culture, being a symbol of benevolence, luck and control over watery phenomenon. Consequently, it is common to see their symbols and models in the focal time in Chinese culture.

This year, visitors can head to St Ann’s square and enjoy a glance of the 50ft Giant Golden Dragon that has taken up residence for the weekend. It is such a wonder to see dragons ruling over the streets of the city as highly respected creatures, especially for western visitors that are used to see dragons as evil and dangerous beasts.

Illuminated Dragon Dance

A skilled team usually performs the Dragon Dance, a traditional dance in China, in their most significant festivals and celebrations. Every year, an irradiated dragon illuminates China Town each evening with stunning performances in Manchester’s China Town. The shows start from 5:30 pm, Friday to Sunday, and another performance will start at 6:30 pm and 7 pm on Friday and Sunday. The manoeuvres in the Dragon Dance symbolize the historical meaning of dragons, expressing dignity and power.

The Giant Golden Dragon in Manchester China Town

CFCCA at the Central Library

Manchester Central Library is dressed to impress its visitors during Chinese New year with a celebration of Chinese arts, crafts and culture on one of their exclusive Sunday openings. Prepare yourself for an afternoon packed full of activities including an artist-led activity by CFCCA based around personal histories. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture and enhance your knowledge by participating in a tea ceremony in an exclusive workshop. If you happen to get there early, you can also get the chance to see an eye-catching lion dance performance. Manchester Chi Mo Martial Art Centre performs the show before the library opens at 12 pm.

CFCCA at the Central Library

Family Craft Workshops

As a family-centered culture, it is not a surprise to encounter many family-based activities in the merriest time in Chinese culture, hence in many family fun activities and workshops on every nook and corner. As one of the main New Year practices, making paper dragons are a big part of Chinese New Year. Join Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art to revitalize this tradition and make a day out of it.

That’s not all! At this joyous time of year, you’ll be astonished to see endless activities for all tastes like celebrating Chinese New Year at Harvey Nicholas or Yang Sing’s Year of the Rat Banquet.

Manchester Day Parade

The Chinese community in Manchester plays a key role in the city’s cultural events. By immersing in the town’s social activities, they have succeeded in influencing local culture.

Manchester Day Parade, an annual parade celebrating all great aspects of Manchester, is a critical event in this city. The Chinese community, proud of its art, has shown its heritage since 2013, when the Chinese Floating Opera was featured in the Manchester Parade Day. The lanterns that light up Manchester Day Parade were created from the Chinese Bronze animal (Zodiac) sculptures of Water Fountain outside Chinese imperial Summer Palace. Despite many basic differences, the closeness of these two cultures and their integration adorns the whole festival.

Chinese in Manchester Day Parade

Serviced Accommodation Near Manchester China Town

Are you looking for quality serviced accommodation while visiting Manchester China Town? We, at Peymans, have prepared our 3 convenient self-catering properties in Manchester, just 15 minutes away from the city centre.

Goulden Road Haven

Ideally located in the suburban area of West Didsbury in Manchester, Goulden Road Haven is only 20 minutes away from Manchester China Town. Recently restored, the three-storey prestigious house features 8 stylish double rooms. All the rooms are fitted with all the conveniences you would expect from a quality serviced accommodation in Manchester. Goulden Road Haven provides a perfect stay for a you and your family members or friends. You can relax and recharge perfectly after a long, bustling day at China Town.

Manchester Magnificent Suites

Featuring 4 spacious double bedrooms, a shared kitchen and free Wi-Fi, Manchester Magnificent Suites is a terrific choice for those either travelling alone or in groups. Moreover, it is located in a perfect spot in the heart of Manchester, a 15-minutes’ drive to China Town.

Old Trafford Apartment

Old Trafford Apartment accommodates up to six guests 2 bedrooms boasting two comfortable double beds and a double sofa bed in the living room. In addition, the living room comes complete with all the essentials such as sofas and a flat-screen smart TV. The TV also comes with a Netflix package. Just like Manchester Magnificent Suites, this self-catering apartment is just 15 minutes’ drive to the China Town.

Book direct with us at Peymans before it’s too late and put the rest of your energy into enjoying the Chinese New Year and other Asian activities!



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