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The camp is also perfectly placed for you to discover Mongolia and its people. A wide variety of cultural activities can be organised for you to experience rural life at first hand. Visits to local herding families have proved to be very popular and you will see how a typical day is spent on the steppe. Learn about the traditional summer foods or “tsagaan idee”, or how to cook a Mongolian meal. Learn how to sing a traditional Mongolian folk song, or how the game of “shagai” is played. Enjoy a traditional concert, listening to the haunting sounds of “huumi” or throat singing. Other activities include ger building, and Mongolian wrestling, and the chance to take part in a Warrior Training Camp. The Tuul Riverside Lodge is perfectly located to give you many insights into the life of the nomad.

The camp can cater to a wide range of activities to suit all ages and abilities. The surrounding terrain is perfect for horse riding, and there is no better way to explore the area than with one of the local guides. Ride the mountain-steppe like the locals have since the days of Chinggis Khaan and before. Other activities that the camp can cater for include:

– Hiking
– Mountain Biking
– Kayaking and Boating
– Yak cart riding
– Bird Watching
– Mongolian Archery
– Mongolian Wrestling
– Fun Fishing
– Star gazing