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About Manchester

Manchester is probably one of the most iconic and historic cities in the United Kingdom. Over the years, it’s been home to many of the countries most popular bands and sporting teams; like Oasis and Manchester United. There’s very much an industrial and Northern feel to some parts of the city, while adopting a more modern and urban feeling as well.

While the city as a whole is very large, the main city centre is remarkably compact. Most of the main attractions are all within a short walk of one another or a quick bus journey. While a lot of the city retains a rugged industrial feel, there’s no denying that Manchester has undergone something of a modern revolution in recent times. The Salford Quays development is one of the nicest places in the area, and although it’s quite a distance from the city centre, it’s still well worth visiting.

Around this area, you will also find the famous MediaCityUK, which is home to some of the most prominent media publications and companies in the country. The likes of Sky Sports, BBC, and ITV all have headquarters here. It’s an area with a very digital focus, and there are tonnes of local businesses around as well.

Moving back to the city centre, this is where you’ll find the best serviced city apartments. It’s probably the best location to be in as it’s a safe area with excellent transport links nearby. There are three main train stations in Manchester City Centre; Piccadilly, Oxford Road, and Victoria. Piccadilly gives you links to all the major cities in the UK with direct trains to London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow, and more. Oxford Road is more of a local station to take you to and from the surrounding areas such as Sheffield, Crewe, Stockport, and Liverpool. Manchester Victoria station is almost a combination of the two as it connects you to other areas of Lancashire/Yorkshire while also serving as a stop on the way to the North East.

In the centre of the city, you will see plenty of things to occupy your time during your short visit. There are numerous pubs, theatres, restaurants, shops, and many other things to do as well. The Manchester Arena is right by Victoria station and plays host to some massive concerts with the biggest names in the world playing there.

Some key things to know during your stay

We’ve given you a little bit of information about Manchester and what it offers as a city, so here are some extra things you should probably know about during your stay. This is our advice to help you get the most out of your visit:

Avoid The University Areas

Manchester is home to two universities; Manchester Met, and the main University of Manchester. Both of these are mainly located along the massive Oxford Road, and we suggest you don’t spend a lot of time around there if you want to get anything done. You can pop down for a quick picture of the main campus as it does look nice, but the university areas usually are hectic during term times, and can cause a lot of stress!

Head To The Northern Quarter

If you’re looking for the best places to eat and drink in Manchester, then head towards the Northern Quarter. This is an area of the city centre that’s full of many local cafes, pubs, and restaurants. You will find a fair few unique places to eat here that haven’t made it anywhere else in the country. The coffee shops are probably the best, and almost everyone will have a hefty brunch menu. The beauty is, most of our holiday and weekend apartments in Manchester are located just a short walk away.

Use The Magic Bus

Getting around Manchester can be pretty tricky. The worst thing you can do is drive as the roads are quite complicated and most drivers are pretty reckless. Instead, your two options are the MetroLink. The latter is a tram network that can take you far and wide in the Greater Manchester area, but it’s probably not the best bet if you’re just trying to get around the city. Instead, use the bus system, but download the Stagecoach App and use the Magic Bus. This is the cheapest bus they offer, with regular journeys directly to the heart of the city centre. It’s generally around £1.50 for a single trip, so we recommend buying daily or weekly passes if you’re looking to save money.

Please note: the Magic Bus often doesn’t run during the summer, but Stagecoach has many other buses and passes you can buy to keep your spending to a minimum.

If you’re planning a short stay in Manchester, then make sure you rent a serviced apartment to get the most out of your trip. You’ll be holed up in luxury accommodation right near the city centre, giving you the freedom you need to enjoy your visit.