Cambridge City

Imagine a bucolic region, hailed by no less than Forbes as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, available for you to see and explore. Whether you are coming for a tour of the universities, a visit to family or friends, a business trip or that epic time away, Cambridge offers you a remarkable experience. From the solid historical background of this United Kingdom city that dates back to prehistoric settlements around the Cambridge area going through Roman, Medieval, the early modern times, the Industrial era to the 21st century, all reflected in the design of the city, to the notable structures found within its streets, Cambridge is the picture of a perfect travel destination attracting tourists worldwide.

Rich culture is interspersed with modern major developments in infrastructure and transport in this enchanting little town. The traveller will enjoy visiting the old town on foot and sans the horrors of heavy vehicular traffic. The old buildings and narrow, medieval streets are enchanting. An hour on the river, seeing the best of Cambridge on a punt and enjoying The Backs of the colleges (the view from The Backs selected as one of the 10 greatest in England by Simon Jenkins), can easily be one of your most cherished adventures.

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