CAMBRIDGE AND OXFORD: Where to Stay, Who to Trust

Strategically located within rival cities Cambridge and Oxford, Peymans accommodations take pride in their renowned service and are offering travellers a place to stay in these two dynamic cities. Still unsure which of the two cities to visit? In a dilemma? You must remember that both of them have a wonderful history, both can be traced down the middle ages. Their traditions and culture are rich and you will surely find yourself in awe of the stunning beauty of both cities. While the older and larger Oxford displays a city feel, Cambridge is smaller, serene and idyllic. The famous UK cities are both sensational and first class. Oxford’s Christ Church College is so grand while Cambridge’s King College is a Gothic masterpiece. The exquisite structures within the two cities are a testament to their glorious past. It is surreal to stride along the streets where the greatest men had walked. And Peymans will make sure you are treated well in both communities.

Whether you like light or dark blues, you will find a place to stay in these university cities. There is a wide range of accommodations to choose from, all nestled in great locations. So if you are travelling for business or pleasure, make sure to contact Peymans for excellent booking service. For many years, the property management company welcomed guests with their famous commitment to quality accommodations at prices suitable for every taste and budget. Because at Peymans, we make sure we are worth your trust and we take care of you while you explore and dream away.