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Monday Friday Rentals Lets Cambridge

Monday Friday Rentals Lets Cambridge may be a tough nut to crack for many who work in or around Cambridge yet want to spend their time with families at home. You can end up spending hours and hours looking for a suitable place. Down the line you find out that it's not available every week. Or you may find there is an issue with it, and you need to start looking all over again.

Are you looking for Monday Friday Rentals Lets Cambridge? Then, why not give us a call? We manage a large portfolio of properties. As such, we will do our best to offer something that suits your needs. Are you a single person just wanting a clean, comfortable en-suite bedroom at a reasonable rate? Or are you a group of colleagues looking for a flat or a house to share? Because we have a variety of options, we can offer you something to suit your needs.

Monday to Friday Options

Cambridge City Rooms (Peymans) has 10 en-suite bedrooms for single occupancy on either a single or a double bed. In addition, each room has free WiFi, a private bathroom, a smart TV, a kettle, and some tea and coffee. Moreover, the rooms also come equipped with an iron and ironing board to give you the freshly pressed look that you may need for the next important meeting.

Norwich Street Apartments (Peymans) are a set of 8 one-bedroom flats, each boasting a king sized bed and a full kitchen with a 40" flat screen TV in the living room to make you feel right at home. Furthermore, limited parking is available, by prior arrangement.

Grand Central Apartments (Peymans) are a set of two double bedroom duplex flats offering accommodation for up to 5 sharers, with up to 4 single beds and a double sofa bed. Each bedroom has an en-suite shower room, and there is an extra toilet in the ground floor open-plan living/dining room.

Finally, we may be able to offer you one of our spacious four bedroom apartments. Take a look at The Barnwell Lodge (Peymans) which sits off Newmarket Road. In addition, if you are working at the North West Cambridge site and are looking for accommodation, take a look at The Apple Tree (Peymans), conveniently located in Bar Hill.