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Don’t be afraid to use your mobile phone abroad


Call Costs

When traveling, your friends, family, and colleagues, who are calling you from abroad will need to pay their phone company for an additional international phone call to the UK. Nowadays, in most European Union countries you are covered from any additional charges as the laws governing connection charges have become far better and much cheaper.

Typically, a different rate is charged for calls going to a UK landline and to a UK mobile. UK landline phone numbers begin with either +44 1 or +44 2, whereas UK mobile phone numbers begin with +44  7. In most cases calling from mobile to mobile will be very cost effective as long as your country of destination is covered under your phone tariffs for the EU.

If calling internationally from the UK, make sure you check with your network provider for international calling rates, most have a tariffs list on their websites, under the international section. However, the European Union has now largely banned roaming fees within the region so if you are with a reputable contract provider you may not have to do a thing.


Traveling Abroad

If you’re traveling abroad to another country and roaming on your UK-based SIM card, your international phone number will remain the same. The +44 at the beginning of your international phone number refers to the fact you have a UK-based number (you don’t necessarily need to be physically inside the UK).

If you’re using a different SIM card when traveling abroad, you may have a local phone number in the country where you purchased your SIM card. In this case, you’ll also have a new “international” phone number. Most of us are looking for more data than minutes so always check with the contract provider to get the best tariffs for your needs.


Visiting The UK

If you’re visiting the UK on a short-term trip from outside the European Union, it may make sense to get a UK-based SIM card. If you do this, you’ll be assigned a new UK-based phone number. Any contacts living outside the UK will need to call you on your new international phone number. This could amount to substantial saving if you intend on using your mobile phone while in Europe.


Drop The Zero on Mobile Phone Numbers

When you convert a UK phone number into an international phone number, you should remove the zero at the start and replace it with +44. A common mistake is to leave the zero in place which is incorrect and will lead to the phone call fails to connect.

UK mobile phone numbers are usually written with the leading zero in brackets: for instance, +44 (0) 7123 456 789. If you see a phone number written in this format, you should remove the zero that’s in brackets to get connected when dialing internationally.


Peymans Just Made Booking Your Next Stay with Us Even Easier

Here at Peymans we are always looking for ways to, not just make your stay in one of your premier accommodations more comfortable but booking your stay more convenient. Whether you are looking for business trip accommodations in central London, self-catering accommodations in Oxford, serviced accommodations in Cambridge or a short-term holiday let in Brussels. We are pleased to introduce our new list of international numbers to make it easier for you to get in touch with us.

You can now reach us on any of the following numbers: 

  • Australia: +61 (0)861 17 27 37

  • Belgium:  +32 (0)42 682 182

  • Germany: +49 (0)3058 84 94 84

  • Italy: +39 0399 3000 87

  • Spain: +34 988 057 057

  • UK: +44 (0)333 4444 324

  • USA: +1 307 3177 317


The Peymans Promise

At Peymans, we strive to make every visit memorable and effortless. That's why we're committed to maintaining a checklist of essentials to immaculate standards:

  • All of our properties are stocked with high-quality white linen, towels and a starter pack with essentials including shampoo and shower gel.

  • Free high-speed WiFi is included in all of our properties as standard.

  • Complimentary tea and coffee are provided in our properties along with appropriate facilities for a comfortable and homey stay.

  • For guests staying for extended periods, we provide a free weekly housekeeping service to restock essentials and keep your accommodation in excellent condition.

  • We strive to offer excellent customer service to all of our guests and will be on hand via email and phone to respond to any queries throughout your stay.