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Airport Layovers - Saving Money on Accommodations

Airport Layovers -- Saving Money on Accommodations

We have all been there – cancelled flights, over bookings, layovers on budget tickets or maybe planed layovers to visit cities and sights or a short-term stay for business. In England we have 3 main hubs for connecting flights, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports. Heathrow is the busiest and the most expensive, when faced with finding good accommodations at a reasonable price. Heathrow International Airport is just an hour outside of the centre of London and transportation links to and from Heathrow are first-rate. This all adds-up to the premium pricing for accommodation in and around Heathrow. Whether a serviced apartment, self-catered accommodations or a hotel, you will want to shop around to get the best deal.


Hotels vs Airbnb

There are certainly pros and cons to each, for me, it depends on if I am traveling for pleasure for business and of course the accommodation cost. For a few hours business layover there are usually airport hotels that have rates for half-day or ever per hour. This can be ideal to catch a shower and a quick snooze before continuing on. If the hotel is within the airport complex it is liable to be a bit costly, but if you average in the time and transportations cost to get you to a hotel off-site it may well work out the same.  

If on the other hand I am traveling with family or have more than a day layover and don’t want to stay in the confines of the airport I will investigate self-catered apartments. In some cases, they can be equally, if not more, convenient than surrounding hotels near the airport. In most instances we find the self-catered accommodations similar in price or a bit less. For me the advantages of serviced accommodation are the feeling of home and having all the comforts along with a bit more privacy. Although similar in cost, the way I view self-catered accommodations is you are getting a hotel suite with a kitchen. Personally, I love direct access to coffee, tea and kitchen facilities without having to pay £3 for a tea or coffee. I also find serviced apartments more comfortable and quieter, allowing me to sleep more restfully.

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports is the world and as such the prices for short stay accommodations reflects that. Hotels can charge a premium without any worries of filling their rooms. The serviced or self-catered apartment are a bit more competitive and you can find some deals if you know where and how to look. If looking through compare websites, like Airbnb, it is always wroth checking to see if the accommodation provider has their own website and booking abilities, I find that his can save you at least 10% booking direct.

If you are flying into Heathrow airport with a layover you need to book your room well in advance to prevent disappointment and a potentially hyper-inflated room rate.

Peymans has recently acquired the highly prestigious Heathrow Airport Apartments complex, located just 5 minutes from Heathrow Airport terminals 2 & 3. Our guests find Heathrow Airport Apartments very convenient, highly competitive in price, impeccably designed and extremely secure. You will feel right at home -- whether you are staying for business or pleasure. All our serviced apartments are clean, bright and modern – everything you would expect from Peymans self-catered accommodations.


What is on offer at the Heathrow Airport Apartments  

Just 10 min from Heathrow International Airport. Peymans is pleased to offer these prestigious 1- and 2-bedroom serviced accommodations. This is a new building as such has all the mod-cons you would expect with a Heathrow Serviced Apartment. In addition to the impeccable modern design, you have secure CCTV entrance and private parking upon request. We also boast onsite conference rooms that can accommodate small groups – ideal for private meetings.

Our Heathrow Apartments are perfect for the business traveller who is looking for an impressive accommodation to entertain meetings or simply as a short or long-term stay. The Heathrow Airport Apartments are well suited for corporate groups and group booking. We have discount offers for corporate group booking – give us a call to find out more.

Not just for business travellers our immaculate Heathrow serviced apartments are extremely comfortable, clean and maintained to the highest standard.

Traveling for holiday, business or just visiting the UK, the Heathrow Airport Apartments are close to the vial links directly into London. Only 10 minutes to both the London Underground and National Rail services – with direct links to the centre of London. Perfectly located between London and some of the best Theme Parks in Europe. You are 30 minutes form Thorp Park and 50 minutes from Chessington World of Adventure

After a long meeting, a tiring day in London, a thrilling day at Thorpe Park, a bit of jet lag – whatever your situation you will find comfort and quiet at our Heathrow Airport Serviced Apartment.

The Peymans staff are just a phone call away during your stay – we are here to make your stay a 5-star experience.