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Why direct bookings?

Booking can be a long process and sometimes be tiring. From choosing the website to the property to the actual price., Expedia, Airbnb hundreds of possibilities to choose from. The positive about these sites is that the accommo…

How to add service fees on

Service fees are essential to an accommodation. It shows the transparency of the hosts for the guests. It shows how everything works and how much everything costs making the guest understand better the price for their stay, at the same tim…

Peymans gains ASAP Quality Accreditation

Peymans gains ASAP Quality Accreditation through The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) as an Accredited Operator in recognition of the outstanding quality of service that the provide to their customers.

Top Ten Places to VIsit on Your East Coast Road Trip

If you're taking a road trip on the East Coast and want to enjoy the scenery, you're in luck. From beautiful coastlines to forests and mountains, you'll be dazzled by the breathtaking sights in this part of our country. These are our ten fa…