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5 Reasons You Should Add Home Security Systems to Your Rental Properties

If you have a property that you use for short-term rental purposes, installing a security system can keep you better protected. With all the new people who pass through your property on a regular basis, you’ll want to have a security system…

Tips for Staying Safe as a Tourist in the Big City

Big cities are thriving metropolises full of diverse culture, foods, music, and colors. While these big cities seem charming and vast, they can also possess many hidden dangers to those not familiar with the terrain. If you have plans to tr…

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6 Tips for Travelers with Chronic Illnesses

Traveling to a new place, while on vacation, can be exciting, but, for people who suffer from chronic illnesses, it can also be therapeutic. The benefits of a getaway, even a short one, are many, but so are the difficulties faced by those s…

A spooky makeover for Cambridge City Rooms

Our Interior Designer, Esperanza, has given the bistro area of Cambridge City Rooms a spooky makeover!

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