Best Amenities You Should Look For When Booking a Relaxing Getaway

Travel can be a hectic endeavor, but it provides you with the opportunity to leave your problems behind you. Obviously, the majority of us believe that the good outweighs the bad otherwise tourism would not be a booming industry that it is. Of course, it helps significantly if your sleeping arrangements also include access to a wide variety of amenities.

Read on to discover the five best amenities to look for when booking a relaxing getaway:

Hot Tub

Courtesy of Aqua Rec’s Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are in our number one spot because the heat and jets help to soothe and loosen tense muscles which provide pain relief. Steam, rising up from the water, helps rehydrate your skin and sinuses after that long, drying plane ride. Within minutes your jet lag will fade away.

Sauna/ Steam Room

Courtesy of Ocean Resort

Perhaps you might prefer a sauna or steam room. Saunas use infrared heat to relax you at your core. In the semi-darkness, you allow the heat to envelop you and start to feel your tension melting away. In a steam room, you have the benefit of moist heat which works best on sore muscles. The steam will open and cleanse your pores as well, leaving you feeling refreshed.

On-site Spa with Massage Services

Courtesy of Destination Hotels

Many resorts, and even some hotels, now offer the extreme luxury of an on-site spa. These spas can offer a number of services, but most offer massage. Try making an appointment for the morning after your arrival to start your vacation off right. An expert massage therapist will know just what muscles to target to leave you feeling like you can take on the world.

On-site Restaurant

Courtesy of Red Lion Hotel

This one is a matter of simple convenience. If your hotel boasts an on-site restaurant, you will never have to worry about staying out too long and missing dinner. Having good food on hand will postpone any arguments between restless and hungry traveling companions.

Plenty of Local Events

Wherever you end up staying, you want to make sure that there are plenty of local events so that there’s something to enjoy. Instead of booking a getaway at a remote location, consider a major city or another part of the country. Find a place with lots of opportunities for dining and drinking in exotic locales. These venues will make your experience all the more memorable.


Looking out over the city lights, or watching the sunrise, has the potential to change your whole mood. A beautiful view can help you get in touch with your surroundings. It might even persuade you to order room service, spend a long morning in bed, and just be grateful for where you are.

Overall, relaxation is a personal experience. Think of the things that make you feel relaxed at home. Maybe you like a long shower, not having to cook dinner, or treating yourself to a manicure. Whatever makes you feel calm should guide your decision on where to stay the next time you can get away.

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