Airbnb Introduces New Feature: “Teams”

Airbnb Introduces New Feature: “Teams”

Have you noticed a new feature called “Teams” roll out on your Airbnb App in the last couple of days? No worries! Huge relief is about to pass your Airbnb listings management path! Read the rest of the post to get familiar with the new “Teams” feature on Airbnb.

You no longer need to invite other parties to assist in managing listings via apps like Smartbnb and YourPorter. Airbnb now allows you to manage listings on its Airbnb App. The new feature lets hosts customize the kinds of permissions for each individual team member.

What does it mean to host with a Airbnb team?

An Airbnb team gives group a chance to host listings together on Airbnb with different accounts and not sharing private information. It is the account owner who can decide who joins the team, and which tools and features team members can access. Each team member will log in using their own Airbnb account, and the listings will be owned by the account owner, even if created by team members. Not all team members will have equal permissions; they begin with basic permissions and gain more access only when an account owner or someone with team management permissions allows additional permission sets.

How do I set up and manage a hosting team on Airbnb?

In order to create a team, you must be using professional hosting tools, and here’s what you need to do:

1. “Go to the Team tab

2. Click Set up your team

3. Confirm that you are the account owner

4. Enter and confirm your information

5. Add details about your team

6. Agree to terms and click Create team”

How to manage team members on Airbnb?

Not all team members can manage team members on Airbnb. Only those with account owner and team management permissions can add/remove team members and make changes to their permission sets.

“How to add a team member?

1. Go to the Team Tab

2. Click Invite

3. Enter a team member’s email address

4. Click Add

5. Click Send invite

How to remove a team member?

1. Go to the Team tab

2. Click the team member’s name and an info panel will be shown

3. Click Remove team member

4. Confirm the action

How to change permissions:

1. Go to the Team tab

2. Find the team member and type of permission you want to change

3. Click the checkbox to add/remove the permission set for that team member

4. The change is saved”

How do I join a hosting team on Airbnb?

You can join a team only when the account owner of the team send you an invitation link. “As long as you aren’t currently hosting, you can join a team using your current Airbnb account.” If this isn’t the case, and you’ve hosted before, you need to deactivate your listings. Otherwise, there’s no other way other than creating a new Airbnb account with a different email address.

How do permissions work?

Once you join a team, you’ll have basic permissions with the possibility of expansion by the account owner or someone with team management permissions. In addition, you’ll be able to see the team name and permissions of other team members.

How co-hosting works?

It is not possible to join a team if you’re already co-hosting listings. Remove yourself as a co-host and then try joining a team!

How to leave an Airbnb team?

Leaving a team won’t affect the ownership of your account. This said, you’ll still have your Airbnb account, but without access to the team account or its listings.

1. Go to the Team tab

2. Click on your name and an info panel will be shown

3. Press Leave team

4. and Confirm



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