Airbnb Co-Hosts Feature Is Launched

Airbnb, the sharing economy giant, has just launched a new feature for hosts under its new listing management tab, called “co-hosts”. According to Airbnb, this feature allows a host to add trusted people as Airbnb co-hosts to help manage a listing and interact with guests from their own account.

“Adding a co-host allows you to share hosting responsibilities without giving someone access to your personal account.

“You and your host(s) will be able to see and respond to messages from guests and it will be clear exactly who is responding.

“Guests see the co-host’s photo on your listing page, the itinerary, and in all messages sent from their account.”

Airbnb co-hosts get a certain set of permissions, as listed below.

“The hosts you add to your listing can:

  • Accept, decline, cancel, or alter reservations
  • See and respond to guest messages
  • Edit pricing and availability
  • Edit the listing description (such as pricing, photos, etc.)
  • Interact with customer service on your behalf”

Luckily, Airbnb have thought about limiting the permissions granted to co-hosts, which will make the site a lot more suitable for use by property management companies that let through Airbnb.

“Co-hosts can’t access your payout information or personal details. As the listing admin, you can remove them at any time.”

To read the full and up-to-date Co-Host Terms of Service, click here.