Attractions in Cambridge England

7 Spectacular Historical and Natural Attractions in Cambridge Not to Miss Out!

7 Spectacular Historical and Natural Attractions in Cambridge!

Home to the 4th oldest university in the world still teaching, Cambridge is perfectly packed with the highest number of preserved historic buildings in England! The city houses most of its superior splendor around Cambridge University’s 31 colleges. The buildings are all rich in English tradition and culture. Although the existing schools are legitimately labeled as English, it is important to acknowledge their Norman origins; the first colleges were founded by French migrant scholars in the 12th century. The spectacular attractions in Cambridge don’t end here!

Despite its prestigious, medieval character, Cambridge offers a breathtaking selection of events throughout the year; Here are a few: Midsummer Fair, Folk Festival, and a world-class film festival. Besides, there’s a wealth of natural attractions and green spaces, particularly the River Cam, giving you an exclusive experience for savoring unmatched beauty and tranquility. Here’s a list of top 7 attractions in Cambridge, England:

1. King’s College and King’s College Chapel

King's College Cambridge

Originally established in 1441 by Henry VI, the royal foundation King’s College absorbs the spectator with its magnificent architecture. However, you shouldn’t miss the vast expanse of lawn reaching down to the King’s Bridge. Don’t forget to enjoy the exquisite views of the Backs from the bridge. Quite a spectacle, indeed!

Complementary to this tour and a must-see is King’s College Chapel.  With late Gothic designs brimming the interior, the chapel took over a century to build. Thus, take your time to closely look at the stunning stained glass windows and elegantly carved wooden choir stalls. Moreover, King’s College Chapel possesses the largest fan vault by John Wastell (1515).

2. Fitzwilliam Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum

Rated as the most famous museum in the East of England, Fitzwilliam Museum offers visits of over a half a million of the most quintessential works of art, extraordinary paintings, and ancient artefacts, all for free! Above all, you can expect to come across English poetry, china, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities among others.

3. Queens’ College and the Mathematical Bridge

Mathematical Bridge

Founded in 1448 Margaret of Anjou, Queen’s College is one of the first colleges of the University of Cambridge. It was later refounded by rival queen Elizabeth Woodville. The river Cam runs through the college, with the Mathematical Bridge connecting the two “light side” and the “dark side” of the college. Officially named the Wooden Bridge, the structure is called Mathematical because of the exact calculations made to design it.

4. Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden displays over 8,000 plant species, all grown in glass houses! It was first founded in 1846 and maintained ever since raise the visitors’ awareness about the natural world. Its 40 acres of parkland in the heart of Cambridge City provides an optimal opportunity for a stroll and a picnic. During your visit,  try to take in the beautiful views of the lake, glasshouses, the chronological bed, rock gardens and a collection of mature trees.

5. River Cam for Tours and Punting

River Cam

Want to see the hidden spots in Cambridge with unique views more than anything? Go punting, or in other words, go boating in the river Cam! And, you can explore the 25 bridges along the way while afloat on the water. Self-punt or get a tour. But never skip the pleasure of this leisure!

6. Wandlebury Country Park

Wandlebury Country Park

Due to its picturesque and scenic atmosphere, the park is a perfect place for a refreshing walk or a picnic. It’s located south of Cambridge. Full of woodlands and grasslands! It’s worth leaving the city center!

7. The Backs

The Backs Cambridge

East of Queen’s Road in the city of Cambridge, the Backs is an area where many of Cambridge University colleges back on to the River Cam. According to Simon Jenkins, the view of the Backs is one of the top 10 in England. The vast area encompasses the rear grounds of the following colleges: St. John’s, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Clare, King’s, and Queens’. Marvelous mixture of academia and nature!


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