5 Tips to Avoid Spending Extra Time at the Car Rental Desk

Whether you are vacationing in a group tour or traveling solo, having a car rental can be a really great option that allows you the freedom to explore your destination. However, car rentals are costly if you’re not careful. The following are five tips to avoid spending extra money at the car rental desk:

1. Pay in Advance

Many car rental companies now offer advance payment options. That means you can check out and pay during the reservation process instead of waiting until you get to the counter. Discounts are there if you’d like to use them. They are usually around 10 percent, but you may be able to get a deal for more.

2. Use a Third-Party Site

You should set your budget and price before you start looking for an airport car rental. Once you do, you can use a third-party site that will lock you into low rates if you agree to book the car that day. You have many options from which you may choose.

3. Use Promotional Codes

Promotional codes and discounts may be available for your car rental. What you can do is first check the car rental company’s site and see if they are offering any discounts to you. If you don’t see any codes, you can perform an online search for a coupon and code site that’s separate from the rental company. Additionally, you may be able to get a discount if you have a credit card that offers discounts on rental cars. You can also contact your auto insurance company and see if you can get a break from them.

4. Buy Your Insurance

Another way that you can save some cash is by supplying your insurance. Rental companies will try to sell you their insurance to protect the vehicle. They want to make sure that they’re covered if anything happens. However, you can use your insurance and avoid paying that extra money.

5. Reserve It Early

Getting yourself a fantastic deal is easy when you book reservations ahead of time. Choose a time of the year or week that’s slow, and book your vehicle at least four weeks in advance. You should be able to get the car that you desire, and you should be able to get a fantastic deal on it. Furthermore, you may be able to snatch an agreement on a weekly rental or weekend rental. Always check the specials they have going on and then lock in one that will work for you.

Those are just a few tips for saving a little cash on a car rental. You’ll probably think of a few more before you place your order. Take advantage of as many as you can and enjoy the ride.


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