5 places to take a photo in London

London, the city of the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, hometown of the queen and cultural centre of the whole of Britain. Normally when you decide to visit London, you think about where you are going to stay, what new dish you are going to try, the shops you are going to visit and… where you will take some nice photographs for Instagram or Facebook. 
In today’s society social media have taken over our life, we share every moment with all of friends. Being in London you have the opportunity to take some of the best photos of your life, as it offers some of the most breathtaking and stunning backgrounds.

First of all we are going to start with a classic, red telephone box. These telephone boxes are a regular tourist attraction as they are a signature attraction for London. The red telephone box stand out from the crowded square, but the perfect time to take a picture would be at night or early morning.

Next destination is the Leadenhall Market. The stunning golden interior makes you feel as you are in a magical place where you can find everything. A nice tip would to use wide angle lens for the perfect picture.

St. Paul Cathedral is waiting for you next. It captures the modern as well as the traditional element of London. The gothic Cathedral stands tall as the modern glassy buildings surround it. Try to come at sunset and to get some photos that will get a couple of likes.

After walking and walking all day take the underground station not just for the tube… The walkway between St. Pancras and Kings Cross Station offers a multicolored light tunnel. It feels like you are in Alaska enjoying the Aurora Borealis, giving you a sense of beauty and also relaxation from all that tiring day.

It’s night time and you are ready to explore the city, hit the bars and have a drink or two with your friends in one of the many famous pubs in the city. It’s time to take the camera away and enjoy the City in all of its complexity, but just not yet..

One more place that you have to take a photo of is Picadilly Circus. Flashing screens mixed with old buildings, puddles of water on the ground looking like small mirrors. An awesome location at night. Use HDR for the best photos and a pro tip is to increase the ISO slightly. You will thank us later.

These are some of our favorite locations to take photos in London, but there plenty more ready to be discovered.