4 Safety Tips For Keeping Your Apartment Secure

Multiple Locks

If someone is a trained burglar, then just one lock is not going to stop them. They will have a number of tools and knowledge to pick your main lock with lockpicks, cards, and even breaking in the door with their foot.

If you want to keep your apartment secure, you are not alone. Everyone wants to feel they are safe and so are their belongings in their home. However, when nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential home break-ins, you need to have tactics to make sure you really stay protected. Here are 4 safety tips to implement immediately:

That is why it is essential to have multiple locks. Make sure one of your locks is a deadbolt. This way, they cannot simply unlock it from the outside. If they try to use force, the deadbolt will still not give either.

Security Cameras

Cameras are not as expensive as they used to be. They are also small, light, and easy to conceal if you need to have them operating without drawing a lot of attention.

Security cameras serve the purpose of, first of all, seeing what is happening by your doors. This lets you respond faster in an emergency. Second of all, they can act as a deterrent when thieves see them.

Safe Word

You should make friends with your neighbors when you first move into your apartment. If you have not done that already, that is okay. But it should be on your priority list. The reason is if someone ever broke in and held you hostage, you want to have a safe word to warn others in case they are telling you what to say.

Store Your Valuables in a Safe

What would be easier to do: taking a piece of jewelry from a safe bolted to the floor in the closet in the bedroom, or walking into the home, grabbing it from a drawer, and walking right out? Obviously, the second would be easier. And that is why you should get a safe for your valuables if you have not already done that for your home.

Keeping your valuables secured in a safe is a smart idea but sometimes it isn’t enough. Although the sentimental value of your possessions can’t be replaced, renter’s insurance can do a lot to help replace what is stolen if the unfortunate event of theft happens.

When it comes to burglaries, most people think of a jewelry store getting robbed or some other kind of venue. However, the reality is that homes are the most common spot for a break-in. So don’t put your safety or your valuables at risk.

Use the tips above and enjoy having complete peace of mind from here on out. If you want to know more about keeping your apartment secure, check out our article about security systems