3 Tips for Keeping Children Safe While Travelling

Travelling with children can be challenging. But, taking your children to see the sights and landscapes of the world can also be incredibly rewarding for the entire family, especially when you know how to keep your child safe in a foreign place. Here are three tips on keeping children safe while travelling for better peace of mind.

Make Sure They Know Emergency Information

Emergency contact information can vary by country and location. Be sure that children know the emergency number in the countries you’re visiting. Older children should be able to memorize their own information as well as parents’ names and phone numbers in case anyone gets separated during travel. For younger children, you can keep an easily accessible written list with your contact information on it in one of their pockets. Your child can give it to emergency personnel if needed. 

Use Car Seats

Using the right car seat for your child can decrease the risk of fatal injury by 70%. Infants and toddlers who are still under the rear-facing height and weight limit for their car seat should always ride rear-facing for the maximum protection in a crash. Older kids should have a belt-positioning booster seat until the car’s seat belt fits properly on their shoulders. If you’re using a rental car company, many will have car seats available for use with the car. If you’re travelling with a child who doesn’t like using a car seat, be sure to have some distractions, like snacks, age-appropriate electronics and small toys or games. 

Pack an Emergency Medical Kit

When travelling with young children, there are often minor injuries or illnesses that can easily be treated by you without a visit to a clinic. Before heading out on a trip with your children, be sure your emergency medical kit is well-stocked and easily accessible in your vehicle. There are many necessities that you should keep in your kit. Bandages, antiseptic cream or wipes, antidiarrheal medication and children’s pain-relief medication are some suggestions. Depending on the area you’re travelling to, you may also want bug-bite relief and mosquito spray.

Taking your children to new countries and different locations is a wonderful way to expose them to the world. Remember, for keeping your children safe while travelling, you should be cautious during your travels. Be prepared for all emergencies by knowing contact information, always using car seats and keeping an emergency medical kit in your car.

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